V1 ( b101). V2,3 ( b103,b105) RF noise filter choke, output side AX-FEJxxxx- RE 229. AC reactor, output 400V class A4004 / A4007 AX-FIM3005-RE (5A).


3x400 V. AX-FIM3005-SE@110 50 166 156 91 150 80 M5 AX-FIM1024-SE-V1. LO AD. LINE. X. A. Y. B. L. HW AX-FIM1024-SE-V1. LO AD. LINE. X. A. Y. B.

344. 330. 160. 323. 140. M5. AX-FIM2100-SE-V1. 220.

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Tillverkarens  AX-FIM3005-SE-V1 - EMC-nätfilter 6A 750W, Omron Industrial Automation. Elfa Distrelecs artikelnummer: 300-17-916. 300-17-916 kopieras! Tillverkarens  Buy Omron Filter for use with MX2 Frequency Inverter - 110mm Length, 5 A, 400 V ac, 0.7 kW AXFIM3005SEV1 or other Motor Accessories online from RS for  AX-FIM3005-SE-LL, Accessory inverter MX2 EMC filter.

AX-FIM3005-SE-LL, Accessory inverter MX2 EMC filter. AX-FIM3005-SE-V1, MX footprint RFI filter, 5A, 400VAC, three phase, for 0.37 to 1.1KW models 

- NEW product. The product has been tested and has a guarantee granted by our service.Our company can buy damaged equipment as settlement. If your company is located beyond Poland and you provide your VAT No., you will pay 0% VAT.Price not include 23% VAT. We supply world-wide!

AX-FIM3005-SE-V1 & AX-FIM3005-SE-LL-Product Specifica ons Pr ice 0.75kW 3G MX2 -AB 04 V1 $ 235.00 1.5kW 3G3RX2-B4750 $ 5, 0. $ 8, 0. $ 2,700 .00 15.0kW--Price NX102 A5-9 DB I OTU P CK $ 3,950.00 $ 1,500.00 $ 285.00 Colour PTouch So ware NX102 Machine Automa on Controller Database Connec on CPU, OPC-UA, 2 x EtherNet/IP, EtherCAT,

All Brochures Catalogues Connection Guides Datasheets Manuals AX-FIM3005-SE-V1 - EMC-verkkosuodin 6A 750W, Omron Industrial Automation.


View in Order History. Each 1+ £63.93 £76.716. Restricted Item Minimum Buy Omron EMI Filter, 5 A, 400 V ac, 0.7 kW for use with MX2 Series AX-FIM3005-RE. Browse our latest emi-filters-accessories offers.
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• Help to ensure EMC compliance of machinery and installations using MX2 drives. • Footprint fi lters mount between the inverter and the panel, saving valuable space Buy Omron Industrial Automation EMC Mains Filter 6A 750W.

MX2 200V Dimensions • The AX-FIM range, especially for Omron MX2 Series 200V inverters.
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Filtr liniowy Schaffner AX-FIM3005-SE-V1 6A Trójfazowy 400 VAC; Prąd 5A. Kompatybilny z falownikiem: MX2-A4004-E, MX2-A4007-E. Ten produkt nie 

323. 140. M5. AX-FIM2100-SE-V1.

Buy Omron Industrial Automation EMC Mains Filter 6A 750W. Shop our latest Invertoare de Frecvenţă offers. Free Next Day Delivery available.

Möjlighet till leverans nästa dag. Buy AX-FIM3005-SE-V1 - Omron - Power Line Filter, General Purpose, 400 VAC, 5 A, Three Phase, Chassis Mount.

3 Phase 400V. 18.5KW. Not required. -.